Women and Gender Minorities

Lead the Way in Voice

At the 2021 Women in Voice Summit, we gained practical technical tools and heard invaluable stories of resilience, entrepreneurship, and innovation! With so much incredible talent in the field and across the world, the future of Voice is bright.

Wondering what you'll learn?

Here are some of the content tracks guided our speaker selection process in 2021...

Across the Stack

Backend, Frontend, and Voice Everywhere

So You Want To Work In Voice?

Career, Upskilling and Expertise

WOW Have you seen her work?

Work and Career Showcases, Pivots, Zigs & Zags


Attending the first #WiVSummit was such an amazing experience! After three days of talks, QA sessions, chats and all things voice I could not but feel inspired. It was a pure joy meeting so many incredible people from all over the world, sharing thoughts and opinions ranging from inclusivity and diversity to favorite snack options. Even as novice to field, I felt accepted. I felt part of a community - and this was simply beautiful. Now I am even more motivated to work in voice. Thank you a lot Women in Voice for organizing this conference, I hope there will be many more ahead.

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Thanks to the WiV team for all of the hard work of organizing and producing the event and thanks to the inspiring speakers! I'm so happy that I attended, learned so much, and met so many awesome people!


I think there’s an immense amount of preparation that’s gone into this and all I would like to say is thank you to all of them for it because it was truly an amazing and wonderful experience.